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Our Amenities:
  • Coinless touch screen Laundry Card System
  • Huge Family-Size Washers
  • Competitive prices
  • Fully attended each and every day by friendly bi-lingual attendants
  • One large screen TV’s with Dish network satellite programming
  • Vending machines with all your favorite drinks & snacks
  • Soap vending machines
  • Modern, well lighted facility
  • Security surveillance system
  • Plenty of parking spaces
  • Nice clean atmosphere
  • Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fans
Wash 'n Dry Laundry...

Looking for the best way to do your laundry? Then you have come to the right place.
Wash N' Dry Laundry has the friendliest attendants and cleanest self-service laundry facility in Southern California.

Wash 'n Dry Laundry is Going Green!!!
Our washers are engineered to deliver a better wash using less water and higher spin cycles that reach speeds up to 354 G-force—removing more water from each load and cutting dryer gas consumption by up to 50 percent when compared with other laundry mats that have washers only reaching 70-90 G-force.
By decreasing the amount of moisture to be dried, Our customers can complete their laundry faster. Simultaneously, this eliminates dryer bottlenecks, and saves a considerable amount of gas and electricity.

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